Center of the City Fest 2013



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Friday April 5th, 2013… roaming around the Black and Gold Tavern having already been initiated into the event by The Protestors and then truly moved by the solo performance of Beaten Down Bastard, I found myself swathed in a sense of pride.  “I’m part of something great”.  OUR SCENE OUR FEST!  Wandering around, laughing sucking down ‘tall boys’ of Pabst Blue Ribbon (America’s Best in 1893, it says it right on the can) I knew I was where I am supposed to be…  Kansas City!  This was more than just three days of bands playing, more than just a cool place to be… You could feel it in the air, hear it in the power chords of guitars and thunder of drums and bass… Here, you have a place in time and you’re a part of something that will one day be legend!

Over the next week or two we’ll review the performances and visit stories from COCF.  Right now I just want to thank my brothers in Smash the State for their hard work and dedication for making this show happen!  I don’t think anyone can doubt they’ve taken their place at the head of the pack of hardcore and punk in Kansas City!  Thanks guys!  Be sure to show them some support…

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Beaten Down Bastard was the first solo act to kickoff COCF… I have the great pleasure of being good friends with Josh!  All friendship aside… BDB blew my fucking mind!  Total respect for anyone that has the balls to play solo but it’s a whole different level to get up there and be so honest and figuratively bleed like that to everyone.  Out of everyone I was moved the most with BDB’s show!  When you get a chance listen to the song “I’m Not the One” if you can’t relate to that then you haven’t been through hard times.  Check out Beaten Down Bastard at and show him support by throwing a “like” on his page and sharing any songs of his you can get your grubby paws on.


COCF was kicked off with The Protestors.  Matching stripes  and an ‘I came here to have fun’ attitude!

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