From April 1999 to September 2010, Curt Mason hosted “The Rocker” on 90.1 KKFI-FM Kansas City, every Tuesday overnight into Wednesday morning. It was an amazing run of over 11 years, cut short by Curt’s untimely and unexpected death in the early morning hours of October 1, 2010. Following his death, two longtime KKFI Programmers who had been friends with Curt, Arjay and Stormin’ Norman who are hosts for KKFI’s “Morning Buzz” program on Friday and Monday mornings respectively, they began to fill in for Curt’s time slot. After all, this is live terrestrial radio, the show has to go on somehow. Curt’s Memorial Service was held on the Thursday following his passing, this was on October 7, 2010. At the service, Arjay and Norm approached several of us who were his closest friends and invited us to come down to the station the following Tuesday overnight and bring music to play and share and also share memories of Curt over the air. Several of us took them up on the offer. While we were down there that night, they mentioned to us that they would not be able to fill-in forever and asked if any of us would be interested in training and possibly taking over Curt’s old time slot. I decided to give it a try after thinking about it for a few days. We also recruited one of Curt’s longtime friends Chuck Cannon, a guy with quite of bit of experience in the music scene from having been a writer for Bonzai magazine and later his own magazine called More Than Music, as well as having done a little concert promotion and even having ran his own record store for awhile. From October 2010 through March 2011, me and Chuck trained with Arjay, Stormin’ Norman, Mike Lytle, and Larry Cruse until we had mastered the engineering, station certification tests, and other requirements to be certified as Programmers and officially take over the show. During this time, we were doing most of the music programming for the show while we trained and working hands on with the soundboard, computer system for public service announcements, etc. We were finally approved to take over the show in March and certified as Programmers. Up until March we were continuing to call the show “The Rocker”. Once we were certified, we decided to change the show name to High Voltage Rock N Roll Radio Show. This is something we had discussed among ourselves and also with Curt’s wife Wendy. It just seemed better to make a new start, you can’t do the show as a memorial forever, the world keeps turning. In my next article I will discuss more about our experience doing High Voltage, some of the people we have had help us do the show, guests, how we go about putting shows together, etc. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more information about The High Voltage Rock N Roll Radio Show at


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